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Tracy Barrett Adams


Tracy Barrett Adams is a clinical hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer practicing full-time in Seattle, Washington. She specializes in medical hypnosis, with an emphasis on insomnia, neurological issues, pain, childbirth, as well as healthy eating and body perception. Tracy’s worked with thousands of clients on these and other health-related issues, and sees clients primarily through physician and licensed therapist referral. An IMDHA and ICBCH certified trainer, Tracy conducts group trainings live and online.

Insomnia and Obstacles to Sleep

Although it doesn’t start as insomnia, practical disruptions like illness or surgery, travel for work or fun, on-call work schedules, new babies, etc., can all get in the way of quality rest. Once a wakeful pattern is created then even when the opportunity for sleep is at hand, the body and mind may remain activated and alert. In this experiential session, learn (1) self-hypnosis to help clients sneak past tiredness so they feel better and more functional even on limited sleep, and (2) when circumstances allow, self-hypnosis to invite the best rest on demand.

You Are Not Alone – Increase Your Confidence and Skills Through Effective Connection. Co-presenter, Shannon King

Imagine knowing you have the right connections to get the support you need so you can thrive in your practice. Online forums can be wonderful resources to get a variety of perspectives. So how helpful would it be to share personalized support with a cohort of peers focused on contributing to your goals and growing your practice? Or for deeper support, one-on-one coaching from a skilled mentor or coach who knows your individual strengths and challenges? Learn how to find and create safe spaces to expand your resources and develop in specific areas you are desiring to grow by making the most of online forums, personal peer groups, mentors and coaches.

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference

August 19, 2019

Put Insomnia to Rest!