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Tom Nicoli


Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, CPC
Harvard Medical School said, “He is an expert in his field. He opened many of the student’s minds to the possibility of the mind-body connection. Nicoli deals in a straightforward and honest manner. His presentation was thought provoking, stimulating and made a large impression.”

Tom Nicoli, internationally published author, speaker, trainer, personal development coach and consultant to practicing hypnotists. Tom is a Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, an NGH Certified Instructor, Certified Instructor Coach, NGH Advisory Board Member, Order of Braid Council Member and adjunct faculty member. He is also certified with the International Guild of Professional Coaches & Consultants as a Personal Development Coach. Tom is a dynamic speaker, seminar leader and lecturer as well as a nationally recognized radio and television guest. The success of his work has been covered by Dateline NBC, national radio shows and newspapers and print publications such as Shape magazine.

The Advantages a Hypnotist Has As a Personal Coach

Personal Coaching is Skyrocketing and Hypnotists have a great advantage in the coaching arena. Hypnosis added to Personal Coaching is a game changer. People are paying higher fees for coaching AND have a more welcoming perception of coaching, yet, they accept and enjoy the addition of hypnotic techniques for their personal outcomes, when offered properly. Learn why after a very successful career as a practicing hypnotist I added Personal Development Coaching to my work in helping people around the world change their lives. It’s not about doing one or the other… but adding yet another way to help people and increase business profits.

How to Leverage Facebook Live for Promotion and Profit

In an ever changing world we must change and adapt to new and effective ways to promote services and generate profit. Learn how to leverage Facebook Live in this 1 hour presentation. When is it best to do your FB Live video? Is daily too much or not? What’s my message and how to I craft and deliver it for the most optimal effect? Is the background important and what I wear? There’s more to it than you may have imagined to get the most out of FB Live. Be there to hear how I’ve generated $10,000 weeks using Facebook Live.

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