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Timothy Trujillo


Timothy L. Trujillo is a Natural Healthcare Provider, Educator, and Author. Incorporating Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy, he is an expert in pain relief, trauma recovery, and immune disorder management. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the use of hypnosis in the management of HIV/AIDS. In his work he emphasizes patient education and self-care. As founder of First Medicines, he has helped to deliver this system of care to HIV/AIDS-impacted populations in Los Angeles since 1996 and has led outreach projects in Guatemala, India, New Orleans, and Cairo, reaching beyond HIV care to address traumatic distress in survivors of tsunami, hurricane, and civil war. He chronicled this work in the book Tsunami Effect. Trujillo is a graduate of and former instructor for Gil Boyne’s Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles where he also served as an Examiner for The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. He currently serves on the Board of the ACHE.

How to Use Hypnosis to Change the World

Have you got “hypnotism fever”? Do you think hypnosis is some cure-all for every human concern? Timothy Trujillo does, and he has spent a generation seeking ways to fulfill this vision. This mission has taken him from schools and hospitals to community groups and the United Nations, and from faith-gatherings to the mayhem of disaster zones. In this program he will share his simple strategy for supporting great change through the utilization of hypnosis. He will review the varied projects he has initiated on both a local and global level and how this has not only helped many people, but also elevated his profile and enhanced his business. Attendees will be invited to present their own project ideas for a group discussion on fulfillment strategies.

The Transforming Therapy of Gil Boyne

Learn the theories and methods that changed the field of hypnotherapy. Gil Boyne synthesized hypnotic age regression and gestalt dialogue, utilizing the memory constructs encoded through emotional states. His revolutionary methods have been employed by innumerable practitioners around the world, and in many varied forms. Timothy Trujillo spent years studying with and eventually teaching for Gil Boyne. In this workshop he outlines the specific techniques employed in this therapy, demonstrates through live case work, and updates our understanding of the efficacy of this approach through modern scientific understanding of state-dependent memory, learning and behavior. He will also expound on Boyne’s spiritual and philosophical approach to this work and how he sought to create not just a method, but also a movement, of which all modern hypnotherapists are the beneficiaries.