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Tim McNickle


Tim has extensive experience in creating results in business development, acquisitions, coaching, training, and finance. As skilled in neuroscience, NLP and Hypnosis as he is in business, this unique combination of business and human effectiveness skills quickly produces desired results for his clients. He builds powerful and cohesive management systems.
Tim consults and coaches CEOs and partners on how to make more strategic decisions for their company as well as how to position teams to create and maintain a culture of accountability. Clients appreciate that Tim understands the “nuts and bolts” of their business. His clients experience an increase in performance and profits without abandoning the activities that foster a balanced life.
His commitment to developing high performance teams has strong roots with his work at Lifespring Inc., where he delivered adult education seminars based on experiential and transformational models. Courses focused on issues of choice, satisfaction, worldview awareness, resulting in effective action on personal commitments. After Lifespring Tim continued to develop programs specifically for business owners that transformed their relationship with their own business resulting in clarity of purpose, goals, actions and profitability.
He can lead Board Meeting, Executive Team retreats, deliver Sales Training using NLP technology, facilitate conflict resolution meetings and work across the org chart on behavioral styles in communication. He has run multi-million dollar companies, and been successful. He understands the “nuts and bolts” of running the day-to-day operations of an organization and the environment of the C suite.
Since 2012, Tim has worked with Special Forces personnel to recover from PTS issues.

Tim is a certified coach in business and leadership. He holds a BS in Engineering Technology from Kansas State University as well as an NLP Master Trainer Certification and multiple Hypnosis Certifications.

Fun and Profits as a HypnoCoach.

Business Coaching is a huge industry. Did you know as a hypnotist or NLP practitioner you have an advantage? This workshop will teach and demonstrate how to use conversational hypnosis and NLP in the coaching environment to accelerate client results and increase your value as a “HypnoCoach” !

* Effortlessly helping your a business owner clients achieve clarity about their future easily and quickly.
* Discover the values and beliefs that are obstructions on the pathway to a clients(and Your) success…and realign them easily.
* Using metaphors as a catalyst for changing environments both in the mind and in the business..
* Doing all the above and more….without ever mentioning hypnosis?