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Theresa Micheletti


Theresa Micheletti is Director of Hypnosis for Premier Hypnosis Training Center and was formerly Director for Sylvia Browne’s Hypnosis School. At the age of 11, Theresa started doing self hypnosis. She has been traveling to cities across the continent for over 25 years doing hypnosis sessions and training hypnotists in classic and spiritual hypnosis. Her Hypnosis toolbox specialties are past life regressions, and sessions to the Other Side. Recently, she has been training people in Quantum Leap. Theresa is also a Minister and Motivational Speaker.

Quantum Leap: Creating a Time Warp

Quantum Leap: Creating a Time Warp

Learn about Quantum Leap. Help clients to speed to a time before or beyond when they were ill. Other uses for this technique include going beyond grief or pain. During this session, experience Quantum Leap yourself to move toward your Perfect Health.