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Tess Meissner


Tess Meissner is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner who dynamically combines​ hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, shamanic energy medicine and expressive arts to support individuals and groups with integrative stress management and addiction solutions, ​trauma resolution, inner child healing, shadow work, life purpose, intuitive development and more. Tess’s passion for the intersection of science and Spirit inspires her to bring a balanced interweaving of the practical and the magical into her facilitation. She is committed to empowering clients and students to be their own Magician, healer, or intuitive medium.

From Victim to Creator ~ Shifting to an Empowerment Frame

Victim – Perpetrator – Rescuer. The roles in the Drama Triangle are familiar to us all, and are parts that often show up in client sessions in one way or another. These archetypes represent different variations of misusing or displacing personal power. But there is an antidote to the dreaded and disempowering Drama Triangle! Come learn how to leverage the Empowerment Dynamic in service of your client’s success! In this one hour talk, you will learn how to quickly assess when the Drama Triangle has been activated within a client, and how to support their shift towards become a conscious Creator in their life!