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Teresa Perciful


Teresa Perciful, RN, BCH
NH cerified, 14 years of diversified training and a Hypnothoughts presenter for 5 years. Trained in eye movement techiques, NLP techiques, Hypnosis.
Registered Nurse and Hypnosis business “Today’s Hypnosis” in Little Rock, AR

Major Shift in 2 minutes or Less

If you know about EMDR, Havening,& NLP but don’t think you can use it without a psychology degree or extensive training,you are wrong! This class will teach you a fast change technique, any hypnotist can use. It is so quick, incorporating eye movements, kinesthetics, and language to collapse fears, blocks, or unwanted negative feelings. Use as a convincer or make the desired change. Yes in 2 minutes or less! Then your hypnosis becomes gravy! You will leave with the most amazing tool for your hypnosis toolbox. Demos & practice! Prepare to be amazed as I was, when I learned the power at the tip of my finger