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Ted Frieband


After 20 years in the computer business, Ted felt the need to work more directly with people so he enrolled in the hypnotherapy program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and became certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. He is also a Smoking Cessation Specialist as certified by the International Hypnosis Federation and the North American Academy of Hypnosis. Ted is very happy to be making his mark on the world one client at a time.

The New Hypnotherapist’s Survival Guide (Part 2)

I had so much information last year that I only got through half of my material!

Come and learn even more ways to ensure that the transition from school to professional hypnotherapist goes as smoothly as possible. This presentation will cover both the business aspects and therapy aspects of becoming a successful hypnotherapist. I’ll discuss what has worked and not worked for me.