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Suzie Bowers


Suzie Bowers started her career in Real Estate, in her 20s, where she learned about marketing and sales from the premier relationship builders in the world…Realtors. She opened California Hypnosis Center in 1995 and has worked with clients all over the world. Suzie has been wildly successful and also fallen flat on her face and she wants to spare you the drama by cutting straight to the strategies that work! Suzie has been coached by several of the most successful marketing guru’s of our time and has pieced together a simple and affordable solution for the small entrepreneur. Suzie is also an award winning sales copy-writer and online marketer.

Suzie has seen many of her alternative health colleagues struggle to keep their books full. In 2011, Suzie decided she wanted to share her knowledge and help other Hypnotherapists and Coaches create successful businesses. HypnoProfessional Publishing was bornShe has coached small business entrepreneurs all over the U.S. and offers online publishing services at an affordable investment to assist those business builders and dream makers who are serious about creating and sustaining a six-figure business. She is here to help YOU. Suzie believes that what we do, help others to live the best version of their selves, she feels you deserve to be making a very healthy living for yourself…your work is literally raising the vibration of the planet.

Suzie is also author of 3 books: Ten Keys to Living a Soul Life, and Ways to Quit Smoking, (available on Amazon.) Ebook: Your Six-Figure Hypno-Coaching Business. Passion Purpose Prosperity!

Your Six-Figure Hypnosis or Coaching Business

You started your Hypnotherapy Business with Big Dreams of Making Unlimited Income, Time Freedom, and Helping Lots of People. Reality: You found out in today’s fast paced, high tech world, that marketing your business was a daunting task. At HypnoProfessional Publishing, we take the hassle out of the technical aspect of building relationships, social media marketing, branding and creating a (an affordable) “lead capturing” website, so you can get out there and do what you do best…network, speak and see clients.

Let us show you the secret step-by-step formula for creating a steady stream of clients, referrals and returning clients, who can’t get enough of you. Position yourself as the Go-To Expert in your niche. Build relationships that last through tough times. Create the platform for future book, group coaching and program sales. Leverage your social media so it actually brings in $$$$. Set yourself up for strategic alliances and referral partners.

The Best Part: We get you…because we are Hypnotherapists and Coaches too, with 24 years experience. We understand your lingo, your drive, your passions and your challenges.

Join Me, Suzie Bowers, CHt, Coach, Author, for an enlightening approach to successful relationship building system, which will catapult your success now and far into the future.