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Stin-Niels Musche


Stin-Niels Musche leading German Hypnotherapist, CEO of Hypno School, Licensed Professional. The thrilling therapist with heart. Stuffed with cheerfulness. Since 2010 he has been in adult education. Stin-Niels has had over 3000 participants, who he delighted. He has also presented over 1000 full day events. Since 2009 he occupies himself with hypnosis. He is an Designated Certified Instructor of the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center as well as a CI of Dave Elman Techniques. In 2013 he was awarded with an international award at International Hypnosis Conference in Zurich, Switzerland.

Let’s talk about sex

Many people have sexual issues. Most of them are looking for help but it isn’t easy to find as not many people offer this service. If a hypnotist offers help for sexual issues, people will come for this very personal help. You will learn how to handle these issues.
The most Important thing “sex sells“. People are willing to invest in this very important change that may affect their whole life.
• You will learn and how to handle sexual issues.
• You will also learn why sexual issues could be a massive income generator of your practice.
• Using the right language.
• All the benefits for the client and the hypnotist.