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Steven Blake


In 2011 I finally managed to fulfill a lifelong ambition and trained as a hypnotherapist. Along with that I became an NLP Master Practitioner and my first ever client had M.E. which I helped her to make major improvements after only two weeks of studying that range of illnesses. I learned a technique to remove pain and ended 40 years of suffering severe back problems including Arthritis and Spondylosis and have been pain-free ever since. Life is so much better without pain and so I went on to develop a technique and methodology that would work for most people most of the time and have lasting results, I ran FREE pain clinics and got to a point where I rarely had any client not fully pain-free when they left. In November 2015 I trained the first 5 Practitioners in OldPain2Go®. To date (Sept 2018) I have over 700 Practitioners that have arrived without any paid marketing push. OldPain2Go is now worldwide and I have just returned from a tour of Australia. My mission is to help as many people as possible in the world out of pain – and we have certainly made a great start.

OldPain2Go and talking direct to the Unconscious

Would you like a whole new client group and be able to help them quickly and effectively. Steven will explain the main aspects of working with the unconscious directly to achieve results that look and feel miraculous, whilst giving lasting results.

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference

August 15, 2019