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Sonja de Graaff


Dr. Sonja is recognized as a leading international authority in innovative, integrative functional medicine. She is among the pioneers who introduced the age of personalized medicine and a functional health care system that is cost effective. Dr. Sonja has traveled the world while with the United Nations and has studied various types of medicine. She is a passionate educator on disease prevention and smart, safe medicine. As a respected researcher and clinician, she offers expert advice for the best and safest medical treatments.

Hypnosis as an Important Part of a Successful Health Care System and How Your Practice Can Benefit

Learn why hypnosis is an essential part of a successful functional health care system. I will show you how you can become a respected contributor to a new era in health care and how you will get ongoing referrals for your practice. I will teach you how Hypnosis can qualify as a medical deduction for tax purposes. You will understand what the importance of Hypnosis is in Functional Medicine. Find out how the study of quantum physics shows that everything is energy and that there are no solid things. This makes it possible to stretch the current boundaries of possibilities in health care. Experience the power of vibrational medicine of which Hypnosis is an important facilitator through the mind.