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Sheryl Hill


After 22 years in entertainment and brand marketing, Sheryl departed her last post as VP of West Coast Sales and Marketing for Grand Play Media (, in pursuit of a career in “wellness.”

Sheryl graduated from HMI and pursues post-graduate certification education through HPTI. She is certified through the International Association of Medical Dental Hypnotherapists and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She has more than 30 advanced continuing education credits in neurobiology and psychopharmacology, hypnosis for cancer and pain reduction. She holds a Master’s level certification in Therapeutic Imagery and a specialty certification in Handwriting Analysis.

Sheryl speaks on the subject of Environmental Hypnosis and Natural Somnambulism as this is her passion. Her first book on the subject will be available in early 2019. She blogs under the name, The Natural Somnambulist for

Sheryl Hill’s private practice is located in West Los Angeles and Encino, California and offers services via Skype or WhatsApp. For more information visit

The Delicate Nature of Somnambulism – Altering Hypersuggestibility

Somnambulism is a state of hypersuggestibility that subjects our clients to unusual exposure events within the environment and we are the only profession in the world that recognizes this as a state unrelated to sleepwalking. The symptoms of these exposures often present themselves as unusual fears or phobias, memory loss, physical impairment and an inability to focus at critical times. At least a dozen other seemingly unrelated conditions are associated with hypersuggestibility and somnambulism and when you come to understand the vulnerabilities these exposure present, you will understand how to help clients overcome their specific issues. This is a hands-on experiential workshop on understanding, identifying and altering hypersuggestibe somnambulistic tendencies. This class is a must attend for all somnambulists and for those interested in therapeutic intervention.