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Sheila Granger


Sheila gained her certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the UK with the General Hypnotherapy Standards council eight years ago, and has already been
recognized by The India Times as ‘Britains Leading Hypnotist’ and has appeared on National Television on BBC News.
A popular speaker at conferences and Universities Sheila has trained over 2500 practitioners in nine countries.
Most known for the Virtual Gastric Band programme – Sheila takes hypnosis into new areas. Pioneering an Educational Performance Programme in Schools and Colleges, and taking hypnosis into business, helping them with sales, productivity and mindset.

She has received much national and international attention. BBC News, The Sun Newspaper, Pick me up magazine, Womans weekly magazine, Daily Express, NHS
Hospital Radio, India Times, Tenerife News, Melbourne Observor, Fox News.

Before we did the training with you we were contemplating a career change intoanother business; however the response has been phenomenal, and enabled us to
continue with our passion of helping people through hypnotherapy, a modality which
we both love. Angelo Sette, Australia

‘Sheila’s training has been responsible for a 20% increase in my practice’, William
Engle, USA

“We have netted around $9000 since this training in October. It is great example ofsomething being off my radar. I was programming for a big increase in my
business. Bob Huntinga

“It is it important to me that I do things right and do not go off at half-cock; your energy and inspiration will be mirrored by me. Bring it on!” Mark Clinical

Evidence Based Weight Loss Approaches

The weight loss industry is big business, and can be the bread and butter of any hypnosis practice.

Often we are asked though “Does it work?”

During this fast paced presentation you will learn the key research behind hypnosis for weight loss, how you can use new and existing research to build your own weight loss programmes, and even how to begin your own research study.

You’ll also take away the key approaches that really make a weight loss programme successful for you and your client

Developing Your Very Own Unique Hypnosis Programme and Finding Your Niche

We all have our own unique goals and dreams to where we would like our hypnosis practice to go. For some it’s seeing a few more clients part time. For others it’s having a busy full time practice, or it may be you want to develop your own personal brand, and even train others in the methods you’ve developed.
Do you dream big about where you want to take your hypnosis practice? Would you like to develop a unique programme of your own? Would you like to train others?
If so, in this four hour workshop you’ll learn how to do just that (I know this isn’t for everybody).
Imagine for a moment your hypnosis practice on a world wide stage. This is a unique four hour workshop that can catapult your hypnosis practice, and if you are someone who takes action, potentially lead you to a worldwide stage. This workshop is about developing you personally and will teach you how to confidently research, develop and evidence base your own programme, that gives expert credibility in your very own niche area. Learn how to professionally brand and market your own training, developing both “in person” and “on line” training courses

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference