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Shannon King


Shannon King works as a certified hypnotherapist, neuro-transformational coach, and EFT practitioner with a focus on resilience-building and resolving traumatic experiences. With a home office in northern California, she works locally and virtually with clients desiring change, releasing non-productive habits, pain, and childbirth. She conducts online and live-group training. Shannon travels nationally teaching and facilitating wellness and resiliency training with law enforcement agencies and various organizations.

Resilience – What’s Integration Got to do with It?

What does integration have to do with resilience? When we understand the role of our brain in building resilience, we are better equipped to transform stress into positive and traumatic experiences into growth. Learn how to support your brain health, improve brain integration, and increase your resilience. As well as, walk away with a few tips and techniques to teach your clients to improve their own resilience in this informative and interactive workshop.

You Are Not Alone – Increase Your Confidence and Skills Through Effective Connection. Co-presenter, Tracy Barrett Adams

Imagine knowing you have the right connections to get the support you need so you can thrive in your practice. Online forums can be wonderful resources to get a variety of perspectives. So how helpful would it be to share personalized support with a cohort of peers focused on contributing to your goals and growing your practice? Or for deeper support, one-on-one coaching from a skilled mentor or coach who knows your individual strengths and challenges? Learn how to find and create safe spaces to expand your resources and develop in specific areas you are desiring to grow by making the most of online forums, personal peer groups, mentors and coaches.