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Shannon King


Shannon King works as a certified hypnotherapist, neuro-transformational coach, and EFT practitioner with a focus on resilience-building and resolving traumatic experiences. With a home office in northern California, she works locally and virtually with clients desiring change, releasing non-productive habits, pain, and childbirth. She conducts online and live-group training. Shannon travels nationally teaching and facilitating wellness and resiliency training with law enforcement agencies and various organizations.

How to Know Which Technique to Use (and for What!) with co presenter Tracy Barrett Adams

“Rewind or tapping?” “Parts or regression?” “Metaphoric story or direct suggestion?” It can all be so confusing!

In this talk, we will detail steps to set aside the guesswork and second-guessing. Learn to bring your skills, creativity, and intuition together to confidently meet the client in front of you. Free yourself from those sticky questions of which technique to use and when.

Whether you work with medical hypnosis, stop smoking, or any other clinical hypnosis application, this course will help you optimize your skills and make the most of your client’s change work.