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Scott Duvall


Scott Duvall loves to mesmerize people while teaching them to utilize the power of their subconscious mind and the transformational abilities of hypnosis. Scott is a certified consulting hypnotist, NLP practitioner, and mindfulness based meditation instructor. Scott has worked in the field of hypnosis and guided imaging for over thirty years, is a member of the NGH, past president and current vice president and fellow of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association. His practice is located at 2025 SE 50th Ave. in Portland, Oregon; he can be contacted by calling 503 238-4428 or email [email protected]

Hypnosis and the Psychology of Compliance and Persuasion

Hypnosis and the Psychology of Compliance and Persuasion

Learn to utilize the Science of Concentrated Thought, The Psychology of Compliance and Persuasion, Mind Bending Language as well as Hypnotic Convincers to rapidly mesmerize your clients and set into action the brains proven neurological processes of amenability. Imagine having the ability to activate your client’s natural neurological connections in a way that by passes conscious resistance and connect them to the success they desire in the matter of moments?