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Sarah Carson


Sarah Carson is the co-founder of The Intelligent Hypnotist. She is an HNLP Trainer and IACT Master Hypnosis Trainer. As a consulting hypnotist and trainer, Sarah runs a thriving training center in New York City and sees private clients for transformational change. She is a published author and has produced numerous digital training products.

Anchoring 2.0 – Conversational Anchoring

Gone are the old fashioned methods of kinesthetic anchoring, the olden days of anchoring by “touching a knuckle”. Welcome to the modern world of conversational anchoring!
Your client’s unconscious mind gives you all the information necessary to lead them to transformation, all we need to do as coaches, hypnotists and change workers is to be eagle eyed and recognize exactly what the clients unconscious mind is telling us.
In this one hour workshop you will learn how to:
• identify your clients most powerful resource states,
• enhance, power up and supercharge these resources
• fully utilize these unconscious anchors to create transformation

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference