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Sandra Grace


Sandra has been teaching since 1992. Sandra has owned and consulted for Institutes and Clinics since 2005. Due to her diverse education and experiences, Sandra is certified in and has trained hypnotists, massage therapists, life coaches, reiki practitioners, reflexologists, aromatherapists, sales associates, instructors, public speakers, actors, and many additional modalities. She excels in classroom, corporate training and one on one client settings. Her current passions are teaching and mentoring, keynote speaking and life/business coaching.

Hypnosis for Brain Surgery: Teaching through my personal journey.

I underwent four brain surgeries in a 15 month period.  Learn how I mastered 6 surgeries in 2 yrs with countless proceedures in between, all while using hypnosis.These surgeries afforded me the opportunity to master skills in medical hypnosis. I was able to eliminate the use of opioids, and took only six Tylenol during recovery, while my doctors and nurses told me that I healed way ahead of schedule in each case.
This class teaches hypnotists how to best use  hypnosis for pre- and post-operative assistance as well as in surgery.  We will discuss the protocols and strategies that were created, and prepare practitioners to prevent pitfalls when working with clients.