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Ron Soderstrom


Ron Soderstrom C.Ht., has been presenting and performing at Hypnothoughts Live for a number of years. Sharing many of the lessons learned from stage hypnosis, comedy improv, and a variety of other skill sets. Bringing you the “Cream” that captivates your clients. They may not always remember what you say, But they’ll sure remember how you made them feel. Leave them with a smile on their faces and laughter in their hearts!

Supercharging Your Presentations

We know we have the tools to assist people in all areas of their lives. It’s just a matter of getting clients to Stop judging them. And instead, Start implementing them!
Improv Comedy is one of the Fastest and Funnest ways to get your groups Engaged and putting your tools to the test! Having experienced Success in real time, their doors open for whatever else you have to share!
Join Ron Soderstrom, as he teaches you the theory behind improv. All while actually going through games and hypnotic techniques you get to take to your own presentations.
This workshop is only for people that want to have Fun and be Unforgettable!