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Rob De Groof


Having started at the theatre Rob finally ended up in the world of entertainment.
Already during his childhood he felt attracted to hypnosis and mentalism.
After a series of courses abroad his career took a turn and at the moment he’s completely occupied with hypnosis and mentalism.
As a hypnotherapist and owner at Hypnosis Centre Belgium he relieves people of all sorts of problems. The Hypnosis Centre (based in Aarschot, Antwerp and Gent) is the leader in hypnotherapy and hypnosis trainings in Belgium. A total of 6 therapists work together with Rob.

As a trainer he has trained several hypnotists for either direct hypnosis as well as street or show hypnosis.

Rob is a licensed trainer for:

The Jeffrey Stephens Protocol + Advanced Training (worldwide)
Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band (Belgium and Netherlands)
Bob Burns’ The Swan (Belgium and Netherlands)
IHR Certified Hypnotherapist Training (worldwide)

Using this link you can see what international experts like Bob Burns, Sean Michael Andrews, Ines Simpson and Sheila Granger say about Rob

Mentalism for Hypnotherapists

Learn how to use mental effects with a hypnotic twist to promote your therapy business or to entertain your friends, clients or family.
In this lecture Rob will explain why it is handy to know a few mentalism effects to gain clients for your hypnotherapy business.
He will also explain 2 effects you can learn easily and start using right away.
Together with some leading mentalists Rob has written a book “Mentalism for Hypnotherapists”. The book was presented at HypnoThoughts Live 2018.

Working successfully with staff (therapists)

As Rob chooses not to have a waiting list longer than 14 days he had to hire extra therapists quite soon. He started with one,but the business kept growing and at present, he has 6 therapists working for him in 3 different cities.
He will teach how to select, train, evaluate them and how to be sure quality stays high.
He will also explain his view on “having a waiting list”.

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference