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Rick Paddock


Rick Paddock is a hypnotist and trainer with the ICBCH, a member of the IMDHA, and a Certified Coach and Meditation Instructor. In addition to training & certifying new hypnotists at the MidAmerica Hypnosis & Mindset Training Center, he’s presented at Hypnothoughts Live, the HPTI 2019 Hypnosis Convention, and HypnoBizNY. Rick is also the Producer and Host of the Mind Flipping podcast

Podcasts & Patreon – A Mind Flipping Journey

Are you wondering if you can promote your business, as well as find profits, through podcasts and Patreon? So was our presenter. Rick Paddock started the Mind Flipping podcast in Feb. 2018, with multiple goals: 1) Bring awareness to the power of our mind to change and heal through interviews with experts in hypnosis, meditation, coaching, neuroscience and more 2) Promote his expertise and experience as a hypnotist, trainer and coach, in order to take his busness beyond the confines of his geographic area 3) Find ways to fund a nomadic business, including using the crowdfunding site Patreon.

Attend this session and hear about his Mind Flipping journey, throught the lands of podcasts and Patreon, including the thrills and spills, and all that he’s discovered along his road to mental, emotional and geographic freedom.