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Rick Green


Captain Rick Green, BCHt is a retired law officer with over 38 years of experience in high risk duties. As such he has directly encountered all aspects of traumatic events, including officer involved shootings, homicides, police suicides, and suicide by police. He has taught stress management and resiliency in Police Academies. Police Department He has utilized hypnotic skills early on starting with the Silva Method and has since been trained by Mike Mandel, Melissa Tiers, Steve Roehm, David Snyder, Randi Light, Richard Barker, Roy Hunter, and many others

Metaphoric Representational Re-shifting — Get Deep Inside Your Client’s Head!

Often we are confronted by the Client who cannot put into words the issues. By shifting into their own personal representational system by creative use of metaphors – we can help move them from where they are to where they want to be. This process moves beyond the current NLP constructs. It moves you directly in alignment with their inner mind. Often they are amazed to discover how far they have come. You instantly create a convincer that the Change sought has happened. As a bonus – you are creating a series of powerful testimonials to your work. Other hypnotists have raved over these simple steps and added them to their sessions. Find out Why…and come see How!

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference