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Richard Cole


Richard Cole, That Hypnotist Guy, is a full time professional Comedy Hypnotist. For over 20 years, he has traveled extensively throughout Canada performing his Grandma friendly shows for exclusive resorts, high schools, and corporate clients. Richard has worked with and coached other great top performing hypnotists around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, England, California, Hawaii, New York, Mexico and all the provinces in Canada.

“Richard Cole is a pioneer in the hypnosis industry. He is a creator of unique, memorable stage hypnosis routines. He has helped bridge his business into markets such as resorts, setting the stage for other performers to duplicate his success internationally. As an individual, his attitude is always positive, and he’s quick to share productive advice on further advance hypnosis.” – Jason Linett

11 Awesome Ways to Make Your Hypnosis Show More Memorable…and Profitable!

Yes, you do a great show. Yes, it’s hilarious, safe, fun, interactive. Is it truly memorable?

In just a few weeks will people say, “Oh, we saw this hypnotist and they did this…” Or will they know you by NAME…YEARS after you’ve performed?

In this presentation, you will not only learn to make skits memorable and unqiue to your audience, but also ways to be remembered by your booking clients, and get rebooked again, and again. Referrals, and rebookings are the cheapest form of advertising…it’s time to capitalize on that!