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Phylicia Mason


I am a professionally trained hypnotherapist. I proudly received my certification of Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnosis from The Florida Institute Of Hypnotherapy in Tampa, Florida. My training included over 500 hours of instruction and practice, ensuring you are receiving the highest quality of hypnotherapy! As Hypnotherapy is a growing field, I am also growing with it and always improving on what I know! It is my goal to use the best of my ability and training to give you the greatest growth experience possible. When you work with me, you will not only change your habits, but understand them.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is the way to get in an easy and gentle stretch between clients- or classes! This relaxing class lengthens, strengthens, promotes body awareness, and improves mental clarity with simple yoga poses completed with a chair. Chair Yoga helps prevent soreness and aching, and is a fun way to start the day! Learn simple techniques that are for every body and every age. This is a great class for those experiencing yoga for the first time. Start the conference with an open mind and a rejuvenated body. Chairs are provided, and no yoga clothes are required.