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Peter Bedard


After a near-death experience, Peter Bedard was faced with the greatest challenge of all: Living a life in severe physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. The former dancer soon discovered that the anger and frustration he felt because of his injuries were not only keeping him in pain, but were waiting to teach him the greatest gifts of his life. Now, a celebrated author, consultant, international speaker, and healer, Peter helps thousands of people globally to live a life of full potential while integrating the lessons of pain into balanced living.

Through his expertise working with stress, addiction, and pain (physical, emotional, spiritual) Peter has developed a tried and true process for creating your own path to wellness, Convergence Healing ( His book, “Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love” was published by Simon & Schuster and his newest book, “Cultivating Joy When Happiness is Work” is slated for print in 2019.

Peter extends his healing knowledge through his online healing tea store. Filled with delicious healing tea blends, this is yet another way that Peter brings wellness to life. His lovingly crafted teas can be found at

Heal the Healer – Let Your Pain Potentialize Your Gift to the World

“Our pain is the garbage of the past. Our healing is the gold from that pain.”

So often, many of us healers are struggling to heal ourselves. We so want to help others and in our drive to heal the world we neglect ourselves. One could say that the healers among us are the most wounded. When we actually stop to focus on ourselves and do the healing work we ask our clients to do, we become even more powerful healers. We become alchemical magicians transforming wounds into joy. When we heal and transform ourselves we stand out as a bright sign illuminating the darkness that says, “I did it and so can you!”

Our primary job is to heal ourselves and then hold the hands of those who come to us; to inspire, to infuse with hope, to call into greatness is what we do and MUST Do for ourselves first. As I look around, I see so many hypnotherapists and healers of all sorts struggling with smoking, drinking, eating too much, sadness, overcompensation, inflated egos, broken relationships, and fearful thinking patterns. I get it! I understand…and that’s not okay!

We must raise our own selves. We must stand up to a higher standard so we can usher even greater healing possibilities into the world. The garbage of your pain can be our most precious gift that, when alchemically transformed, becomes the gift you came to give the world.