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Paul Wong


Paul Wong, MBA, BSME, is the founder of Heart Wisdom Process & Chinese Energetics. He is an author, life coach, master healer, and trainer focused on Eastern energetics and wisdom. His work facilitates deep personal transformations. Paul’s sensitivities and chronic conditions led him on a long journey to the ashrams of spiritual masters in India. His mission is to bring ancient wisdom back into modern day society and help people evolve their hearts.

Sensitivities, Empaths, and Superconscious

Uncover the hidden gifts in your places of deepest wounding and trauma. Through this gentle process, you will learn to honor the gifts within these deeply sensitive places and transform those areas of your life. Ultimately, you will come to realize that your greatest assets counter-intuitively come from these places of greatest wounding.

For many, sensitivities can be stressful. They can be mentally exhausting, emotionally overwhelming, and even physically debilitating, i.e., allergies, and other chronic conditions. Modern day living has programmed a vast majority of the population to become out of balance by overly emphasizing the masculine, the Yang of life, and denying the feminine, the Yin of life. Our sensitivities represent the feminine, which directly connects to our feelings and intuition. By resolving these subconscious blocks and by fully embracing the feminine; we can tap into a hyper-intuitive space often known as the ‘Superconscious.’