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Patricia Eslava Vessey


As a fourth-year presenter at HypnoThoughts and at numerous other conferences, Patricia utilizes her training and experience in hypnosis, NLP, coaching, social work and fitness to help her clients and students discover, embrace and thrive in their own unique mind body solutions to resolve and heal challenges. She’s also an author and owner of a thriving hypnosis coaching and training company, Integrity Coaching & Training Systems.
Credentials include, BA Human Services/Counseling, master practitioner level in NLP, clinical hypnotherapist, credentialed PCC coach through the International Coach Federation and three national fitness certifications, personal trainer, health coach and group fitness.

HypnoKinesthetics – Mind-Body Solutions for Life’s Challenges

Introduction to Hypnokinesthetis: This methodology combines, several modified, kinesthetic NLP patterns (including the dancing score) and other energy psychology and coaching strategies to create meaningful change, deep healing and powerful solutions by accessing and expressing information stored within the powerful mind-body relationship in a way that mobilizes deep resources.