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Pamela Winkler


Pamela Winkler, Ph.D. is an Educational Psychologist and college professor with over 35 years experience as a Hypnotherapy trainer and practitioner. She is Department Chairman of all Certification, Master of Arts, Ph.D., and post doctoral degree programs in Clinical Hypnotherapy at St. John’s University, located in Temecula, CA. Dr. Pam was inducted in 1992 into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame for developing University curriculum in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Dr. Pam has written many articles on the power of the inner mind for self-healing and co-authored with husband Dr. Arthur Winkler the highly acclaimed Volume I and II Hypnotherapy Inductions & Prescriptions Handbooks. Dr. Pam has hypnotized over 5,000 private clients and thousands of others in groups while presenting at national hypnosis conferences.

How to Conduct Successful Hypnotherapy Sessions by Phone

Learn how to help clients who are unable to come to you. This workshop provides you with a safe and effective therapy strategy for helping clients who are unable to come to you. Avoid common mistakes that you do not need to make with this kind of Hypnotherapy. Learn from an experienced, professional trainer who has taught this topic at St. John’s University since 1990. Learn which clients are good candidates for phone sessions and which clients are not. Become familiar with special inductions, releasing techniques, and most importantly – a proper awakening procedure. With this foundation, you can be confident as you expand your professional services that enable you to help more people. A packet of handouts will be provided to all who attend.