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Nicole Weber


Nicole holds a Diploma Degree in Social Sciences (Social Psychology, Sociology, Politics, and Business Administration)and works in her hypnosis and trauma therapy practice in Hannover, Germany. She is a NGH Certified Instructor and hypnotherapist as well as a Centered Riding Instructor and Reiki Master Teacher.
She is also trained in European Shamanism, Alternative Animal Healing and Animal Communication.
She combines all of the above in her work with people who want to overcome their fears and trauma.

Key take aways for hypnosis from traumatherapy

There are so many different things in the different methods of traumatherapy that you could use in your hypnosis practice. It is not necessary that you treat trauma patients. These methods might come in handy anytime and you can use them during your hypnosis session. From bilateral stimulation to body work we`ll discuss them and we will practice some during this session and you will get to know when they might be helpful in your practice. Of course, you`ll learn a thing or two about trauma, too.