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Mr. P


Carl “Mr P” Pruitt
After a family member gave Mr. P the multiplying rabbits trick in 1986, Mr. P started out on his entertaining career. First, as an amateur magic, entertaining family and friends in the mid 80’s to late 90’s for fun and small house parties. Mr. P didn’t decide to take his magical talents to the professional level in 1998 when he was stationed in Hawaii and linked up with The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.). While serving in the military, Mr. P has traveled from Hokkaido, Japan to the streets of New York City entertaining as a magician for fun and for profit.
Mr. P put his talents on hold from 2003- 2006, he decided to get back into entertaining, but the world had experienced the likes of Chris Angel and David Blaine. So what would separate Mr. P’s magic from the other great magicians he asked himself. HYPNOSIS!!!!
In 2006 Mr. P decided to learn hypnosis and incorporate hypnosis into his magic acts. After doing extensive research and self-teaching himself hypnosis, Mr. P thought he was going to be a Magician with a little bit of hypnosis on the side in his tool-belt. Mr. P was wrong. Instead of a Magician with a little bit of hypnosis, he became The Master Street Hypnotist Mr. P with a lot of magic in his tool-belt. And now after various hypnosis classes, seminars, lectures, and training Mr. P is not only a certified stage hypnotist and magician he has started a new trend in the hypnotic world and has become the World’s Greatest Master Street Hypnotist ever.

Magic and Hypnosis

Hey! How would you like to learn some MAGIC that can connect you quickly to the person or people you are hypnotizing. In this lecture I will be demonstrating and explaining several magic tricks which I have personally tested in the streets that give me instant rapport which helps me quickly link to HYPNOTIZING the volunteer (VICTIM hahaha). You can also use these techniques in a clinical setting to connect with your clients.