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Mohammed Sheikh


Mohammed Sheikh, a Mind Mechanic, is certified Master Practitioner in NLP, certified Master Hypnotist, certified Psy-TaP Practitioner (UK), a HeartMath® Certified Trainer/Coach and certified WingWave™ Coach.

He empowers individuals and organizations to have rapid changes in their lives by having them discover the tools they need so that they can live the life they want. Mohammed has travelled extensively and taken thousands of hours of trainings in order to be able to use the latest methods, technologies and neuroscience to allow his clients to transform unwanted behaviours and move towards desired internal states instead. Besides the work he does at Coach the Mind, the platform he launched to enable positive change in others through his years of experience and trainings of the many modalities, he works with various local community organizations to help them succeed.

NLP Hacks – Be the Smartest person in the Room

Imagine walking into a room and having a complete understanding of not only what you want, your goals, your outcomes and who you are, but also the goals, outcomes and beliefs and values of everyone else in that room. And then imagine if you can also remove personal bias, put it aside and then see the raw data for what it is, i.e. what’s really going on. That sort of understanding and insight is a game changer.

Based upon NLP Perceptual Positions, learn “Circles of Perception”. An NLP Process designed to have you access each of the three perceptual positions. This is a hands on session, where I will demo the process, and then we will play with it in class. You will also learn a fun way to increase your calibration skills and the ability to read other peoples body language and facial expressions.

Additional Workshops Pre and Post Conference