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Michelle Braun


Michelle Braun is a practicing hypnotist, energy worker, meditation instructor, Spiritual guide, coach, and NLP practitioner with advanced training and experience in the areas of handwriting analysis, dream therapy, pain, trauma, addiction, dementia and Alzheimer’s therapy, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, medical and metaphysical hypnosis. She is a professional botanist having represented the California Native Plant Society on local, state and federal projects, permaculturist, and horticulturist, an innate ancestral practitioner, an expert aromatherapist, botanical extract designer and an avid advocate of continuing education for personal and professional growth. Michelle lives in the rural southern mountains of San Diego County where she practices living at one with nature, bhakti yoga, meditation and intuitive communication in nature and with companion animals. She continues her lifelong study and practice of plant medicine in the areas of food as medicine, medicinal herbs, native plants and ethnobotany, floral and plant extracts, essential oils, curanderismo, folk medicine, etc.

Metta, the Zero Point Field and Intention : A Group Experiential

This is an experimental group experiential utilizing the Metta Meditation to create an effect in the outer world as well as within each individual attending, based on similar group meditations run by Shel Newman. Previous meditation experience is not required, however a curiosity or willingness to co-create a personal and group shift is.