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Michael Watson


Michael Watson has been practicing hypnosis and NLP for four decades. An international trainer he is the founder and co-host (with Karen Hand) of the Virtual Chapter, a popular monthly online gathering of hypnotists and their friends with great guests and exciting topics. Known for his light-hearted and caring style, Michael’s presentations are as enjoyable as they are helpful. His work in Evolutionary Hypnosis is the cutting edge in contemporary practice.

Working Online: Expanding Your Reach

This session is a lively and enlightening exploration of virtual hypnosis … working remotely with clients online in hypnosis. An overview of the topic, Michael will share his experiences of running an online practice for over a decade. 85% of his work is online and his clients are all over the world. They say that the key to a good business is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. The Virtual Hypnotist’s office is EVERYWHERE! Yet online practice brings some unique challenges of its own. This session is the perfect introduction for those who are considering the possibility of working remotely and want to know more about how to do it simply, safely, and effectively.

• How to get started AT NO COST
• Choosing the right hardware and software
• How to promote and manage your online practice
• Setting up your virtual office to support the work
• Handling abreaction and other client issues
• Legal issues and Professional Insurance
• Working with the Homebound
• Adapting your methods for online success

Evolutionary Hypnosis: A new paradigm for trancework

In this fast paced two-hour workshop you will discover unique approaches to induction and therapy that can open up new and exciting areas in your hypnosis practice. We recognize the evolutionary forces at work in the ongoing changes our clients face. Anxiety, frustration and challenges arise as they progress through their lives. Evolutionary hypnosis offers a satisfying and effective new approach to working with clients on virtually any issue.

You will learn six principles and several client centered applications of hypnosis and intervention – and you’ll leave this workshop with new tools to add to your skill set. Based on the generative trancework of Stephen Gilligan with some original contributions from the trainer, this gentle yet powerful approach is both rewarding and effective and will enhance the work of any hypnotist, therapist, coach or trainer.

Freeing the Emotional Hostage

Stress and Anxiety are epidemic in our busy modern lifestyles. Anger and Depression are pervasive.  Panic, guilt, shame, insecurity and all manner of negative emotions come and go … and lead people to seek our help.  A practitioner’s understanding and skill with emotions can be the defining element in their professional success.  Whether it be deep-seated long-standing issues, or occasional “nerves and worries”, we’ll give you tools to handle the whole range in yourself and in your clients. In this fast paced and engaging program, you will learn numerous tips, tricks and at least five techniques that you can put to work in your practice right away.  Help your clients reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives as they open greater peace, satisfaction, delight and joy.