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Michael Watson


Michael Watson has been practicing hypnosis and NLP for four decades. An international trainer he is the founder and co-host (with Karen Hand) of the Virtual Chapter, a popular monthly online gathering of hypnotists and their friends with great guests and exciting topics. Known for his light-hearted and caring style, Michael’s presentations are as enjoyable as they are helpful. His work in Evolutionary Hypnosis is the cutting edge in contemporary practice.

Empowering Trancework

This extended class will give you an opportunity to incorporate essential skills from NLP, Neuroscience, Three Principles, Evolutionary Hypnosis, and more seamlessly into your work.  Making your sessions even more powerful and impactful.  The program is the product of 40 years of work in hypnosis and study with the finest teachers and trainers.  It offers the insight that comes from time. Michael shares the benefits of those years with you in easy to learn methods that you will never forget.    At least 4 new processes that you can use with your clients right away … and a new understanding that will allow you to continue creating even more “on the fly”. Take a new look at some basic elements that will simplify your work as it doubles in effectiveness

The Fine Art of Freaking Out

Some of us are masters at it.  Stress and Anxiety gives rise to a host of problems as they spiral out of control.  It seems that the world we live in EXPECTS us to be anxious … and peace and calm are exceptional qualities in life.  This program will explore  a variety of tools and principles with you to take into your life and share with your clients.  Learn about the different forms that stress takes, how it overwhelms us, how we can diffuse it … and become permanently immune.   Don’t be hostage to your emotions any longer. Set yourself free.