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Melonie Modjoros


Dr. MeLanie Modjoros is a physician and AASECT certified sexuality counselor. She originally trained in internal medicine and gynecology, but now practices only sex therapy, specializing in the intersection of health and sexuality. All health issues affect one’s sexuality in some ways — cancer, dementia, aging, chronic pain, cardiac disease, diabetes, etc. Through talk therapy only, she helps her clients redefine their sexual experiences so they maintain or reclaim sexual satisfaction in their own lives. She has certifications in NLP and Dave Elman Hypnosis Methods and works closely with local medical providers, physical therapists, psychologists, therapists, and hypnotherapists. Dr. Modjoros is a dynamic and interactive presenter who has spoken at several national conferences. Her goal is to promote sex positivity with humor and energy while educating about sexuality.

Deconstructing Sexual Dysfunction — A medical sex therapist perspective

Dr. Modjoros will present a brief overview of male and female sexual function and dysfunction in terms of desire, arousal, orgasm, and pain. Through a medical and psychological perspective, she will deconstruct and explain each of these with significant attention to the mind-body connections. Participants will gain a new understanding of sexual problems and their possible solutions to enhance their clinical work. Dr. Modjoros will cover Anorgasmia/Delayed ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Low Desire, Menopausal changes, and Pelvic Pain/Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, as well as any other topics or questions from the audience.