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Melonie Modjoros


Dr. MeLanie Modjoros is a physician and AASECT certified sexuality counselor. She originally trained in internal medicine and gynecology, but now practices only sex therapy, specializing in the intersection of health and sexuality. All health issues affect one’s sexuality in some ways — cancer, dementia, aging, chronic pain, cardiac disease, diabetes, etc. Through talk therapy only, she helps her clients redefine their sexual experiences so they maintain or reclaim sexual satisfaction in their own lives. She has certifications in NLP and Dave Elman Hypnosis Methods and works closely with local medical providers, physical therapists, psychologists, therapists, and hypnotherapists. Dr. Modjoros is a dynamic and interactive presenter who has spoken at several national conferences. Her goal is to promote sex positivity with humor and energy while educating about sexuality.

The Ups and Downs of Sexual Performance Anxiety — a medical sex therapy perspective

According to recent study in Sexual Medicine Reviews (2019 Aug 22), Sexual Performance Anxiety (SPA) affects up to 25% of men, and up to 16% of women (as a stated problem) — the true prevalence is probably much higher and much more nuanced.  This session will examine what happens in the mind-body during SPA, what it means, and treatment options including the use of medications, sex therapy, and NLP/hypnosis.  As a physician and sex therapist, Dr. Modjoros will dive into the topic with a multidisciplinary lens, highlighting appropriate evaluation and her algorithm for management. Participants will learn

How performance anxiety interferes in the body’s sexual functions

Why this happens to some people and not others.

How treatment options like medications and sex therapy work, and when they won’t work.

Why hypnosis often FAILS to fix the erectile dysfunction associated with SPA.

How to figure out if SPA is the source of other sexual problems, like premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, and low libido.

A multidimensional approach to SPA management and resolution.