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Melissa Roth


After healing her own irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia through self-hypnosis, Melissa J. Roth CHt., founded Alabama Hypnotherapy Center (located in Birmingham, AL) in 1995 and has since specialized in medical applications of hypnotherapy. She relocated to the Boulder, Colorado area in 2011 and continues to partner with physicians to alleviate the symptoms of a wide variety of chronic illnesses. She has developed a number of unique approaches to chronic illnesses which have become the alternative treatments of choice worldwide. She partners with physicians of every specialty to promote hypnosis as an important and valuable tool in the medical arsenal. She has a different way of looking at problems that results in unique and unconventional approaches that produce superior results.

Breast Implant Illness. How hypnosis can help.

It is estimated that over 3 million women in the US have breast implants either for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. Among those women there is a growing and critical awareness that a high percentage suffer with a wide range of symptoms attributed to Breast Implant Illness. This is a disabling and potentially fatal illness. One social media group alone has 50,000 women (and some men) who are suffering or who have previously suffered with BII. There is a growing body of evidence that many women suffering with undiagnosed illnesses with a wide variety of symptoms are actually being poisoned by their breast implants. The type of implant is irrelevant as is the reason for it. There are no “safe” implants according to the FDA.At this time there is no consensus of opinion on how to diagnose this potentially fatal illness. Hypnosis can help both in the diagnosis, detox and recovery.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hypnosis

IBS is a chronic digestive illness that affects approximately 20% of the world’s population. It strikes one in three adult women and is on the rise among teenagers. Who knew the most effective way to tame your savage gut is through your ears? Gut directed hypnosis is the world’s most effective therapy for IBS. Using these specific techniques 86% of clients will become symptom free within 6 sessions and remain that way after the sessions end.