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Mark Babineaux


Mark Babineaux is a Mediation and Collaborative Issue Resolution trained attorney from Lafayette, Louisiana who is Certified as a Forensic Hypnotist.He is a member of A.C.H.E. and Texas Association for Investigative Hypnosis, a Certified Instructor with IHF, Certified Master Trainer with IACT, Life Diplomate with IMDHA and President of the Louisiana Hypnotherapy Organization. He teaches several hypnosis related curriculae and his hypnosis practice includes helping individuals and groups eliminate destructive habits and reinforce helpful habits.

Fight or Flight, or, Peace and Quiet? You Choose.

Learn to disarm you flight or flight reaction to anticipated anxious situations. Choose and create a preconceived calm and confident response to any situation with the senses of sight and smell; our direct links to the limbic system.