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Maria Bird


Maria Bird is a Strategic Motivator & Speaker. She guides her clients to improve their performance, gain self-confidence and effectively communicate in every area of life including career, family, personal & business relationships. She has over 25 years of finance and sales experience and has acquired 18 years of training of Personal Development in Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Voice and other modalities. Maria Bird speaks and facilitates workshops across the nation. Some of her recent speaking engagements were with Marks Paneth, LLP, HypnoThoughts Live, Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, The Renaissance Project, Affordable Sedona Retreats and The Retreat (shelter for women and children). She has worked with various Meetup groups and was featured on the Connecticut cable show, Mindful Conversations with Greg Dwyer

Meditation Magic

Law of Attraction will not work effectively unless you know how to pinpoint your focus. With Meditation Magic you will learn how to clear your mind; hone into your power and conjure the magical success you wish to create.

• Diminishes Distractions
• Develops focus
• Lays the foundation for Mindful Magic & Law of Attraction
• Improves your overall performance both  personally & professionally.

Three types of Meditation
• The Chaotic Multitasking Mind
• The Power of Imagination
• Mantras & Affirmations
• Energy Work, Healing & Law of Attraction