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Manish Wadhwa


I am a medical doctor, a pathologist practicing in Delhi, NCR, India since the last 20 years. Having worked closely with cancer patients during my tenure in large hospitals and colleges and also as a consultant, I was introduced to spirituality and then hypnosis, around 7 years back. Having completed my training from the hypnotherapy school of India under Blossom Furtado. Since then I have been actively working with clients mainly with those suffering from medical problems as well as medical professionals. Seeing the similarities between hypnosis and spirituality and hypnosis I have tried to integrate the two under spiritual hypnosis and use guided meditation workshops for healing with very good results. This year I was at the HTlive 2018 conference and during my trip to the US held lectures in Novi, Michigan, San Jose California and at Amarillo Texas under the banner of Infinite yog.
My talks attempt to show a different perspective of healing utilizing the power of hypnosis and spirituality.

“Hypnosis and Meditation – Accessing the higher powers for healing ” – The Ancient science of Yogasutra, chakras and Kundalini

The talk includes similarities between the subconcious and meditation and the journey from the subconcious to the superconcious. Utilizing the power of the cosmic energy for healing self and clients.
The different aspects of yoga and the yogasutras of Patanjali ( the eightfold path leading to the union of the soul with the eternal ) will be discussed.
The kundalini and chakras will be elaborated and a “PRACTICAL GUIDED MEDITATION” will be conducted so that all participants can access the superconcious and benefit with this healing energy.
The journey of the soul and the path of acceptance, surrender and flow will be elaborated on.
My personal journey as a medical professional from one with rigid beliefs to one who is open to the metaphysical will also be shown.

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