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Kevin Cole


Starting with himself and moving on to others, for over 22 years now, Kevin Cole of Empowerment Quest International,, has been helping individuals overcome personal challenges from their past, learn & experience how to live passionately in the present, and ultimately discover and live their true purpose in life.
Along with keeping busy with his private practice in Las Vegas, Kevin also travels internationally as a trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, and other Changework Modalities.

Intro To Time Quest Trance-Formation™

Embark on a quest for Trance-Formation and powerful learnings during this highly experiential workshop. Kevin Cole will guide you through the journey of Time Quest Trance-Formation™.

Unlike traditional regression work, which has its place, Time Quest Trance-Formation™ is designed to help you…

• Overcome challenges from your past

• Experience how to live passionately in the present

• And ultimately discover and live your true purpose

And to do so with…

• As little pain as possible

• As much pleasure as possible

• As quickly as possible

* As efficiently as possible

* And as safely as possible

You simply do not want to miss this extraordinary introduction to this truly Trance-Formational methodology.