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Kevin Cole


Starting with himself and moving on to others, for over 22 years now, Kevin Cole of Empowerment Quest International,, has been helping individuals overcome personal challenges from their past, learn & experience how to live passionately in the present, and ultimately discover and live their true purpose in life.
Along with keeping busy with his private practice in Las Vegas, Kevin also travels internationally as a trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, and other Changework Modalities.

Trance-Forming Pain Into Pleasure & Purpose

During this presentation, you will be learning not just a technique (although you will learn that too,) you will also be learning an introduction to Kevin Cole’s methodology for pain relief and elimination that he refers to as “Trance-Forming Pain Into Pleasure & Purpose.”

There are dozens of rapid pain-relief techniques that are very effective, however very few of them have the client actually pay attention to, and learn from, the important message that the pain signal had for them in the first place, and follow it up with helping the client transform their pain into pleasure.

Kevin Cole often shares these quotes with his clients:

“When we fail to pay attention in life, we are destined to pay in pain. That said, pain is a part of life … suffering, however, is optional … when we pay attention to … learn from … and take action with what we are meant to learn from.”


“Pain hurts … but when we Change the way we look at pain, the way we feel about it changes.”

Application: During this brief, yet incredibly important presentation you will learn:

• How to give a “Perfect Pain-Relief Pretalk”

• A fast, effective NLP technique for relieving/eliminating pain that also pays attention to the important message the pain had for the client.

• Learn when it’s important to gain a medical approval, or referral, from a medical doctor to work with Pain Relief Clients. (Hint: If you live in Florida … it’s Always!)

• Learn why just eliminating the pain for your client, and not helping them to Trance-Form Their Pain Into Pleasure & Purpose can sometimes do more harm than letting them keep their pain.