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Ken Guzzo


I was overweight and balding, then I shaved my head, grew a goatee, and became a bad ass! ..I am still over weight…but i don’t give a fuck!

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Would you like more happy clients sending even more happy clients to you?

Would you like your sessions to be so impactful, that your clients can’t wait to share their 5 star experience online for all to see?

Join us for this two hour discussion and Q&A.  You will come away with practical tool you can apply in your business right away.

Standing in Your Awesomeness – Panel

Vulnerable discussion and strategies to help you, then your clients, soar beyond limitations.

Panel discussion 12-15 minutes each, plus Q&A, and a class exercise.

Discussion will include life lessons, personal challenges and how they were overcome, and will inspire attendees to beak past limiting beliefs and challenges.

Chair:  Ken Guzzo

Panel: Scott Sandland

           Jason Linett

           Mike Mandel – pending

           Kaz Riley – pending

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference