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Ken Guzzo


I was overweight and balding, then I shaved my head, grew a goatee, and became a bad ass! ..I am still over weight…but i don’t give a fuck!

Being 100% Referral!

All the As to all your Qs!
Every tip, trick, technique, and principle that we can jam into one hour!
I’ve been 100% referral, for over 8 years, earning two to thee thousands of dollars per day, booked more than a month in advance. I spend ZERO on advertising, and have no competition. Learn how I do it.
All content! – No preamble!

A LIVE Transformational Experience!

I will bring in a REAL client, who has not met me, and who has never been hypnotized, with a serious presenting issue. Be part of this LIVE free flowing transformational experience!

We will then break down and discuss the techniques I use, and the choices I make, and follow that with a Q&A.

This will be a very interactive, conversational hypnotic session.

Things are gunna get REAL! See you there!

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference