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Kellie Lupe-Smith


Kellie Lupe-Smith is a Master Hypnotist Society trainer, NGH certified consulting hypnotist, owner of Burbank Hypnosis and Simi Valley Hypnosis and a certified yoga teacher in Los Angeles, California. She facilitates Hypno Yoga® workshops in Los Angeles and New York. Some of her credits include Voyage Magazine, The Tolucan Times, WE Magazine for Women, LA Yoga Magazine, The Interesting Hour Podcast and LA Talk Live radio. Her passion is YOU. Helping you become the most secure, grounde, dynamic, successful person you can be.

Hypno Yoga®

Students will experience slow gentle asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath technique), chanting and meditation for a well rounded class sure to elevate your energy and consciousness. Connect inward and ground yourself so you can connect with your fellow hypnotists in a more profound way and sharpen your mind for deeper learning this weekend.

How to Thrive in a Metropolitan Area

The location of your business affects your success for better or worse. Metro areas have their own unique challenges. There’s the higher cost of living so you need to see more clients to make ends meet. Word of mouth just doesn’t cut it but advertising is too costly. Clients who think they are too worldly or intellectual for hypnosis and not to mention the five or ten other hypnotists right down the street competing with your business. Discover the secrets you need to not just survive but thrive in a metropolitan area. Become the irresistible expert your clients should turn to and make the living you really deserve.