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Kelley Woods


Kelley T. Woods has operated a successful private practice in Washington State since 2002, specializing in helping clients who have chronic issues. She is a co-founder of HOPE Coaching, using Mindful Hypnosis strategies to equip people with self-directed approaches for creating self-regulation and recovery.

Chronic Pain Panel

Join these seasoned hypnosis practitioners as they discuss theories and applications of hypnosis and NLP for clients who present with chronic pain issues. Audience questions will be welcomed and we expect a spirited discussion to enlighten us all!

Areas explored may include:

Elimination…or management?
Modern medical ideas about what chronic pain is.
Why effective practitioners need more than just one protocol in their pocket.
Whose belief has the most influence?
Do one-session approaches work?

Hypnotic Solutions for Slot Mania

Don’t tell The Orleans, but we’ve got the goods on slot machine gaming and we’re going to share it with you! Recent stats show that nearly half of people who seek out help for gaming addiction list gaming machines as their main gambling focus.

Slot machine gambling problems are a quiet epidemic that is wreaking havoc on people who otherwise do well in life. Out-of-control gambling is destroying financial security, affecting relationships and even exacerbating unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking.

Mariana Matthews and I both live in Washington State, which has not only a proliferation of Native American casinos, it has a high level of people who are struggling with gambling addiction. We’ve created an effective program to help these clients – especially ones who aren’t accessing typical intervention – and will share details in this presentation.

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference