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Kathi Kenedi


Kathi is the founder and owner of Bottom Line Hypnosis in Nevada City, Ca., focusing on client wellness and hypnosis instruction. She is the creator of several hypnotic and energetic processes including; ©Genetic Consciousness, Hypno-Reiki and ©Path of Consciousness. Her processes are used by hypnotherapists around the world. Kathi is a Board Certified Transpersonal and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Board Certified Spiritual Counselor, Board Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Certified Holy Fire ll Reiki/Karuna Master, IHF Advisory Board Member, and 2004 IHF Award of Excellence recipient for Transpersonal Hypnosis. She is a contributing author of “Your Soaring Phoenix”, “7 Phobias Cured”, and Host of the popular “Free Hypnosis-IHF” on-line weekly and monthly show.

Path of Consciousness

The path of wellness is in the consciousness of each individual. Your body has the ability to communicate with you when there is something wrong. The question is: Are you listening? or Do you understand the message?