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Joseph Onesta


Joseph Onesta is certified clinical hypnosis practitioner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A cum laude graduate of the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute (HPTI), his full-time, client-centered practice has grown rapidly because of his dedication to his clients and his reputation for success. Combining hypnosis, mindfulness training and integrative coaching, he teaches his clients to use all their resources to achieve their desired objectives. His previous career paths included developing and leading two nationally recognized non-profit programs. In the 1990s at AIDS Project Los Angeles he created a social, education and recreational program for people living with symptomatic HIV infection which met the needs of over 2000 people. Later, at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Los Angeles, he led a team of public speakers, educators and trainers reaching an average of 20K people a year.

Schema Theory & Hypnosis

Schema Theory postulates the inductive establishment of unconscious infrastructures upon which we construct and organize ideas, reactions, behaviors and thought patterns. These infrastructures are built inductively by the unconscious mind and can be resistant to change. Understanding schema theory and how to encourage inductive change can help you better conceptualize the challenges your clients face and potentially choose more efficient and effective methods for helping them achieve their goals.