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Jo-Anne Eadie


Jo-Anne Eadie, Board Certified, Master Consulting Hypnotherapist
National Guild of Hypnotists, (NGH) Certified Hypnosis Instructor
International Hypnosis Federation –IHF – Hypnosis Instructor and IHF Trainer
Certified, Licensed, Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner and Trainer
Author of Exhale Weight
Director –

You Can Become The Weight Loss Expert in Your Area

The Virtual Gastric Band pioneered by Sheila Granger of the UK for the physical controls of weight release and the Exhale Weight Program for the emotional aspects of weight release, allows the client to experience a lifestyle change that allows them to eat what they want, and stop when they are full.

I will install the Virtual Gastric Band during the class and let the Hypnotist experience what the client does. If you are already working with weight clients, these two programs will elevate your success rate considerably and you will be seen as the expert in your area. Together they present a complete turnkey package that clients report is the easiest program they have ever been on.

Included are many handouts and resources. I have written a manual with the entire program laid out step by step for you to begin immediately. If you were to read the manual to the client, you will experience success, so for the Hypnotist just starting out – “You Can You Become the Weight Loss Expert” You will be confident working with weight clients because of the instant success that they experience. Included are all scripts and information handouts for your clients. Concepts that are not found in any weight programs are discussed and even those will increase your success rate easily.

Feedback from last years class – ONE HOUR PRESENTATION

Hi Jo-Anne: I received the program today! What a wonderful treasure trove of materials you have assembled. Thank you so much! Dottie Love

Hello Joanne, I am emailing about the digital booklet available to participants in your class. Great class!! I learned a lot!!! – Stephanie Ducheteau

Dear Joanne It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Your passion about your program and commitment to your clients was so refreshing and I honestly thought your talk was the best one of the day! I can’t wait to receive the booklet you so generously offered so I can make a difference to my clients lives. Take care and enjoy the rest of your conference. Kind regards – Louise Downie

Dear Jo Anne, Thanks for the lovely talk. Please can you send me the handout to guide me as I empower my clients. Thanks and regards, God bless, Dr. Manish Wadhwa

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference