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Jess Marion


Jess Marion is an (H)NLP/NLP trainer, hypnosis trainer, consulting hypnotist, and coach. She is the co-founder of the Intelligent Hypnotist and has authored 10 books and numerous digital training programs.

7 Keys to Mental Toughness

What would happen in your clients’ lives if they developed the same focus, dedication, and resilience as an elite athlete? How quickly would they let go of their problems? What would happen if you were to develop it in your own life? Developing mental toughness in clients helps them move beyond some of the most stubborn issues such as procrastination, anxiety, fear of failure, and unhealthy habits. In this presentation we will explore the 7 key mind-skills that naturally make someone mentally tough and hypnotic strategies for developing those skills. Warning: Becoming mentally tough is an identity level change and only ideal for people who are ready to step into an even more amazing version of themselves.

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference