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Jennifer King


I am an LPC in Georgia and I have a private practice. I’ve been a counselor for 9 years, and I taught high school for 8 years before that. I am also a certified teacher and certified school counselor. I am passionate about helping others and truly believe this is my life’s purpose. Teenagers and young adults are my favorite age groups to work with. Currently our community was devastated by hurricane Michael. I’d like to write more but I’m just trying to get this submitted before the deadline while I have a wifi connection. We have no power at our home and it doesn’t look like we’ll get it for another week. I’m just keeping it real. Thank you for your consideration!

Emotional Awareness

I want to talk about emotional awareness, emotional intelligence, and specifically feelings. We as a society need help identifying and processing feelings. Its essential for good mental health and all healthy relationships in general. The better we understand ourselves the better we can communicate with others. I would also like to discuss effective communication, stress, coping skills and self care. I have presented on these topics together before and they are all interconnected.