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James Tripp


James Tripp is a Hypnotist, Developmental Coach, creator of the Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis and video blogger on James Tripp | Chaos Wave on YouTube.

Currently, his client work is divided between working with military veterans transitioning into civilian life (as lead coach for Scotland and the North of England with Rock 2 Recovery UK) and working generatively with individuals and groups developing personal mastery in effectively shaping their lives.

The former involves working with ‘PTSD’ presentation, survivor guilt, transformation of life purpose and more while the latter focuses on developing personal grounding and patterns of generative engagement with life (ask James what that means if you are curious!).

This is James’ third year at HypnoThoughts… and he loves it!

The Power of Personal Narrative!

Personal Narrative is powerful… Personal Narrative is destiny!

Each and everyone of us is operating in every moment from a personal narrative (usually near entirely unconscious) that shapes our attitudes, motivations and what we understand to be possible for us. Whatever it is that we as change workers and/or coaches want to help a client change WILL ABSOLUTELY sit within their personal narrative and be shaped by it.

Beyond this, how YOU show up for your client – your attitude, ground of being, unconscious influencing etc. – is shaped by YOUR personal narrative… so understanding personal narrative and how to work with it is a key skill set for both agents of change and all those looking to sit truly in the driving seat of their lives.

If this is a direction of thinking that is new to you, this presentation WILL open the door to a whole new world of possibilities for transformation and empowered living.

Non Verbal Suggestion Mastery!

When people think about hypnotic suggestion, they most often think about words.

Depending on the background and influences those words might be cleverly woven Ericksonesque language patterns, pre-formed hypnosis scripts or directly worded instructions delivered to a person in what is considered to be a state of hypnosis. But whatever it is, the primary focus is usually 100% on words.

But, of course, communication is so much more than words – indeed, before human beings developed ‘digital language’ our ancestors were communicating ‘analogically’… and this is part of the reason why non-verbal suggestion goes deep – it speaks to the oldest and most foundational parts of the brain.

So why is this important to us as hypnotists? The legendary Dave Elman talked about hypnosis as ‘bypassing the critical faculty’. well, the ‘critical faculty’ is a faculty of the modern human prefrontal cortex and it is a mechanism of logic and symbol (the realm of digital language), so when we use non verbal communication to deliver our suggestions, the ‘critical faculty’ literally is given nothing to work with, so is automatically bypassed by default.

This presentation pragmatically explores the use of non-verbal suggestion in hypnosis from a variety of different perspectives.

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