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James Szeles


James Szeles has been performing hypnosis for the last 40 years, entertaining both American and European audiences alike. Starting his career as a hypnotherapist, he soon realized that his true passion for hypnosis was geared towards the entertainment aspect, and he has been a successful working comedy stage hypnotist for the last 39 years. Originally from Michigan, but now residing in California, James, who goes by the stage name SZELES, also teaches his craft, and was recently invited to teach Stage Hypnosis at the Australian Academy of Hypnotherapy in Melbourne, Australia. He has also mentored several hypnotists over the years and loves to share both his passion and knowledge with others in the field.

Navigating Stage Hypnosis in the “Me Too” Era

#MeToo – Is the hashtag that rocked the world. This one hour presentation will cover the emerging new Code Of Conduct for performers as relates to interacting with your volunteers and audience. Learn best practices for avoiding accusations of inappropriate behavior, language or heteronormativity with volunteers through touch and verbal commands. Some of the areas covered include:

The new code of conduct in light of #MeToo
Volunteer’s Permission – what is it and how does one achieve it for a public performance
The importance of gender neutral terminology
Reframing skit suggestions
How not to violate the breach of trust
Covering yourself in these litigious times – the importance of documenting your work