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James Hazlerig


James Hazlerig, MA, is a certified hypnosis trainer, master storyteller, professional musician, and author. Among other things, he is the founder of The Order of Spellbinding Storytellers.

Phenomena for Changework

Hypnotic phenomena are typically used as convincers or suggestibility tests, too often overlooked for their metaphorical value in changework. Join James Hazlerig for an exploration of not just how to get hypnotic phenomena, but how to utilize phenomena to help your clients get the change they are looking for, in unforgettable ways.

Fun with Pendulums

Pendulums look like magic, but they actually lead to increased understanding of the mind-body connection. This class will explore two types of pendulums and their uses: Chevreul’s Pendulum, which let’s us seek answers from the unconscious mind; and the Tri-Pendulum, which illustrates ideomotor action to audiences in a dramatic way, providing a powerful metaphor for hypnotic changework. Both will be explained in strictly scientific terms. If you already own a pendulum or tri-pendulum, bring it to class, but if you don’t have one, there will be a few loaners available. This will be an interactive class, and you will get a chance to practice with both types.